Research indicates that the quality of our environments – the places where we live, work, eat, play - does affect our behavior, thoughts, and emotions. An environment itself does not heal but it can definitely support healing. Our environments should be living, breathing place, containers for life and healing. At Whole Child Texas we believe in life-enhancing environments and our clinic was created with a vision of a pediatric office that is a healing environment for everyone who enters the clinic. In our office, we used materials that are as safe as they can be for the kids and for the environment. We paid great attention to design elements that support healing by awakening the Inner Pharmacy of our bodies through engaging the senses (sight, smell, touch). When you visit our clinic, we hope that you feel welcomed by the warm colors, beautiful, bright crystals, air purifying plants, a soothing water fountain, healing art work, and calming and refreshing essential oils aromas.