Guest Blog: Dr. Sandy - What do Drums have to do with being a Great Parent? 4 Steps to Becoming a Vibrational Match for your Child.

Did you know that if you fill a room with grandfather clocks, with their pendulums swinging at different speeds, after a period of time the pendulums will all be swinging together, in perfect sync?  The same applies to pendulum clocks hanging on a wall or music pendulums on a table. The reason for this has remained a mystery for centuries. More recently scientists have come up with some possible explanations but I have to admit that the physics goes way over my head.  (Click here for a fun 1 minute video  – showing this).

Imagine for a moment that you are holding a guitar. When you tap the C string it starts to vibrate… And what happens if there’s another guitar next to you? Its C string starts to vibrate too.  This will create a beautiful harmony.

Something similar happens with drums. If several people in a room each have a drum, and one person beats on their drum, the other people in the room, can feel their drum vibrating, even though they are not playing the drum.

The same amazing principal of vibrational harmony applies to being a parent.

If your child has mood or behavior problems, it can mean that you’re plucking the wrong string.  Your vibration and your child’s vibration are not in sync. You are playing the C string but your child needs you to be playing the D string. A vibrational disconnect between a parent and a child can trigger all kinds of behavioral and emotional problems for you, your child and your family.

The question is, how do you sync your parenting style with your child’s needs?
How do you practice the kind of parenting that is a great match for your child’s temperament?

4 Steps to becoming a vibrational match for your child.

  • 1.   Any improvement or change starts with self-awareness first.  I have no doubt that you are being the most loving, thoughtful and caring parent. Yet perhaps your child doesn’t seem happy.  So open yourself to the possibility that something you are doing (or not doing) may be unintentionally causing discomfort for your child.
  • 2.   Start watching your child’s behavior closely. Note the times when your child seems unhappy in some way.
  • 3.   On those occasions ask yourself:  ‘What am I doing or saying at this moment that is not in harmony with what my child needs?  How is the way I am showing up, causing discomfort for my child?’
  • 4.   Try changing the way you respond in those situations.  Make small changes to your body language, your tone of voice, your behaviors, the look on your face, and see what works. When you discover what you are doing that somehow isn’t working and you learn how to become a vibrational match for your wondrous child, something magical happens!

Just like the guitars, drums and pendulums, you and your child will be in sync – and the effect on your child’s behavior will be astonishing!