Guest Blog: Dr. Sandy - The 6 Truths about your Child’s Problem And the 3 Steps to Remove the Problem

Today's highly toxic and pressurized world affects children in all kinds of different ways.  The number of wonderful children struggling with learning, behavior health or mood problems is staggering. 

The kinds of problems are different in different children and the variation in the way it affects them ranges from mild to severe and yet, no matter what the diagnosis or the severity, there is the same root cause for every single problem. 

The real reason your child has any kind of learning, behavior or mood problem is that your child is feeling continually stressed.  

There is literally tons of scientific research that shows that stress is the original trigger for all the problems that children struggle with.  So start healing your child by being aware of these 7 hugely important facts regarding stress:

Ongoing stress changes your child’s body and brain chemistry. These changes in chemistry can trigger learning, behavior and mood problems.

  • 1.   If you ignore the stress factor and focus instead on fixing your child’s problems, you will go around in circles because the stress chemistry will continue to create problems in your child.
  • 2.   High stress levels produce high levels of cortisol which changes the child’s behavior and affects brain function.
  • 3.   Stress is contagious. A stressed child affects the entire family, causing high levels of stress in everyone.
  • 4.   Sensitive children are more easily affected by stress.
  • 5.   Sensitive children absorb their parents’ stress.
  • 6.   Children with high stress levels need to be parented by parents who are calm and centered.

What you can do about this.

Well first it is important that you agree with the idea that your child is stressed.  If you are reading this and thinking to yourself:  ‘Yes, that sounds right.  I know that is true - my precious child is stressed’ - then here are 3 important steps to take:

Step #1
Treat the cause. I have seen truly remarkable transformation happen in children when they begin to feel less stressed.  If you choose to control or manage the symptoms but not treat the real cause which is stress, the symptoms will keep returning in one form or another.

Step #2​​​​​​​

Choose a doctor that understands how stress is triggering your child’s problems. If your practitioner does not consider stress to be vitally important, and is not addressing this, then find one that does!

Step 3#
Choose to sit (with your spouse – or on your own) – and ask yourself:  How could my child be picking up stress from me?  Identify exactly what it is that you can do differently that will reduce your stress, and therefore, your child’s stress.  You may want to do this with a professional person.  Sometimes seeing our own stress behaviors and finding ways to change this is not easy to do on our own.  But whether alone or with a professional, I strongly advise that you choose to do this because your kids are absorbing your stress. ​​​​​​​

In summary then, today’s message is this: If you have a child that has any kind of problems, this tells you that he or she is stressed. Untreated, ongoing stress is dangerous.  The best place to start correcting this is by reducing your own stress so that you can parent in a stress-less healing way!