Guest Blog: Dr. Natalie - Make Snifflex A Part of Your Cold and Allergy Strategy

Everyone can agree that allergies are on the rise however, why we are seeing this rise is debated among experts. Pollution, foods, and vaccines are just a few things that have been blamed but the reality is that we do not know definitively. My concern as a pediatrician and a mom of children with allergies is how to help children find relief as naturally as possible. Long term medication use did not appeal to me but I wanted my kids to be able to play outside without being miserable.

The symptoms of allergies are caused by the chemical  histamine that is released by the body when exposed to an allergen. Itchy eyes, runny nose, swelling of mucous membranes, rash, wheezing and sneezing are just a few of the physical symptoms that histamine can trigger in the body. Over the counter antihistamines can work amazingly well but they can cause drowsiness in children even if they are labeled “non-sedating”. Many parents also report mood instability, agitation and poor concentration. 

My challenge was to find safe, natural strategies and supplements to help my patients with allergies. There was little on the market for kids and what I did find did not taste very good. As any mom knows, the best medicine is useless if your kids won’t take it. I did extensive research and spent two years taste testing to create a product that was kid friendly and effective. The ingredients in Snifflex have been used for centuries to help counter inflammation and histamine’s effects on the body and are safe for children.