Foot Zone Therapy

Exploring modern uses of ancient healing techniques:


Greetings from Transylvania, Romania! I grew up in a small town called Sighisoara. My life’s journey from this quiet, medieval town where the legendary king Vlad Dracul (possible the mythical “Dracula”) was born, to my sweet home in Plano, Texas, feels both surreal and extremely lucky! 
On this short trip back to my roots, I’m visiting my parents and childhood friends, and at the same time, I’m exploring and learning different healing modalities.
I signed up for a week-long treatment called “Foot Zone Therapy”. My 73 year old mother has been using this treatment modality for more than 2 years and I’ve been noticing an almost miraculous transformation in her health and vitality, so I couldn’t wait to try it for myself.
The treatment is based on the body’s innate healing capacity, which is awakened through specific point in the feet. The Foot Zone Therapy uses the feet’s natural signaling system to re-establish the body’s balance and enhance the life energy. It is similar to reflexology, but it is more powerful and it can be also used as a diagnostic tool.
I’ve been fascinated to learn that the Egyptians have been credited for the creation of the science of reflexology based on painting in “Akmanthor” (also known as “The Tomb of the Physician”) in Saqqara Egypt around 2400 BCE. 
My first Foot Zone session was definitely more painful than I expected but the accuracy of the diagnosis was absolutely phenomenal. I felt a tinge of jealousy mixed with immense admiration for the therapist who posses what seems a diagnostic super-power! The following sessions felt much better and I could slowly feel an improvement in my overall health. After the third session, I had some vague and weird symptoms, headaches, joint pains, fatigue, nausea, low energy. When I shared how I felt with my foot zone therapist, I could immediately see a broad smile forming on his face! He was so excited that I’m responding so quickly to the treatments. He happily explained that these symptoms are fairly common after several treatment sessions and it’s called a “healing crisis”, a sign that the therapy is working and the body is self-healing and “rebalancing” itself. For the modern, Western medical philosophy, this may seem like a foreign concept that is not taught in medical school, however, healers have been noticing it since ancient times.

Sending you much healing from Transylvania!
Dr Alina