Back to School

               It is the end of the summer and most parents and kids may experience feelings of nostalgia of the long, warm, relaxing summer days mixed with excited anticipation before the new school year!

What can parents do to get their kids ready for school? Here are my top three tips of preparing children for the new school year, mind-body-spirit:

Mind & Spirit:

  • Perhaps the most important part of getting kids ready for school – start talking with your children about things they may expect during the first weeks of school and try to get them excited about all the new wonderful things they are going to learn this year!
  • Be aware of your own emotions and anxiety related to the new school year. Kids can pick up on parent’s feelings and mirror them back.

Sleep Hygiene:

  • Start pushing the bedtime routine 15-20 minutes earlier every day; start 1-2 weeks before the first day of school.
  • Turn off all electronic devices with a screen at least 1-2 hours before bedtime

Diet and Nutritional Support:

  • Breakfast: do not skip breakfast and always make sure kids eat some kind of protein, not just carbohydrates. Good options: eggs, chia smoothie, breakfast patties, sausages.
  • Water-water-water: kids should drink 6-8 cups/day
  • No sugary beverages
  • Omega 3 (EPA+DHA): 500-1000 mg/day; try a liquid supplements as gummies have very low concentrations of fish oil
  • Multivitamin/Multivitamin daily. Pick one that does not have lots of sugar or artificial colors and preservatives.
  • Probiotics: 5-10 billions CFU/day
  • Magnesium (for the first-day school jitters and for any sleep issues): 240-400 mg/day, at night

The keyword these days should be: “routine”. Start implementing a routine that’s similar to your school days routine, approximately 1-2 weeks before school starts.

Enjoy the last days of the summer and have a wonderful school year!

Dr Alina